Navigating communication in corporate travel management

Executive Engagement with PredictX

The Story assists in executive communication by transforming complex travel data into an intuitive and engaging narrative that resonates with senior leadership


Why is executive engagement important?


Automated Reporting

The Story automates the creation of narratives, which means that travel teams no longer need to manually edit reports for different stakeholders. This saves time and ensures consistency in the messaging

Combination of Language and Graphics

It uses Natural Language Generation to blend descriptive language with visual elements, making the information more relatable and easier to digest than raw numbers and graphs alone


Reports generated by The Story are tailored to the specific data and concerns of each recipient, ensuring that they receive information that is directly relevant to their responsibilities and interests

Engagement and Education

By providing a narrative that is easy to engage with, The Story educates stakeholders on travel activity and its impact on the business, promoting a deeper understanding of the travel program

Behavioral Insights

The Story illustrates how traveler behavior affects program results, highlighting opportunities for change and the potential impact of these changes on the organization

What are the challenges in executive engagement?

Senior stakeholders often manage broad portfolios and often do not have the time or expertise to interpret detailed travel data. Natural language communication distills the essence of the data into clear, concise statements, enabling stakeholders to quickly grasp the implications and make informed decisions.


Strategic Alignment:

Engaging executives ensures that the travel program aligns with the broader business objectives. This alignment helps in securing the necessary resources and support for implementing travel policies and initiatives that contribute to the company's strategic goals.

Policy Compliance and Enforcement:

Executives play a key role in enforcing travel policies. Their buy-in and support can drive higher compliance rates among employees, ensuring that travel policies are adhered to, which in turn helps in controlling costs and reducing risks.

Resource Allocation:

Executive engagement is essential for securing the budget and resources needed for the travel program. When executives understand the value and impact of the travel program, they are more likely to allocate the necessary funds and resources to support it.

Data-Driven Decision Making:

Engaging executives with clear, concise, and actionable travel data helps them make informed decisions. This can lead to better sourcing strategies, optimized travel policies, and overall improved travel program performance.

Continuous Improvement:

Regular engagement with executives fosters a culture of continuous improvement. By keeping executives informed about the travel program's performance and challenges, travel teams can secure ongoing support for initiatives aimed at enhancing efficiency, traveler satisfaction, and sustainability.

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The Story assists in executive communication by transforming complex travel data into an intuitive and engaging narrative that resonates with senior leadership. Here's how it enhances the communication process:

It serves as a powerful tool for executive communication, ensuring that the good work of the Travel and Expense (T&E) team is conveyed effectively and that the ongoing efforts to improve the travel program are recognized and supported by senior leadership.


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What is The Story?

The Story is a module within the PredictX platform that delivers a monthly executive overview of travel data. It utilizes sophisticated technology to transform raw data into a formalized, narrative report that is easy to understand and engaging for recipients.

How does The Story benefit senior leadership communication?

The Story benefits senior leadership by providing an automated, clear, and concise summary of travel data. It highlights key insights and trends, enabling leaders to quickly grasp the travel program's performance and make informed decisions.

What are the key features of The Story?

- Monthly executive overviews that summarize travel data in a narrative format.
- Automation that delivers reports directly to stakeholders without the need for manual intervention.
- Customization options to tailor the content to specific stakeholder needs.
- Professional and innovative presentation, including stylized reports and infographics.
- Integration with dynamic analytics profiles for a comprehensive view of travel data.

How does The Story improve efficiency for travel and expense teams?

The Story saves time for travel and expense teams by automating the development of regular reports. This eliminates the need for manual report generation and ensures consistent communication across the organization.

Who can benefit from The Story?

The Story is designed to engage a wide range of stakeholders, including top-level managers, general managers, travel committee members, procurement boards, and CXO-level executives, especially those who may not be travel experts.

How does The Story educate stakeholders?

The Story educates stakeholders by explaining travel activity and its impact on the business in an accessible format. It provides insights into traveler behavior, policy compliance, and opportunities for program improvement.

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