AI-Powered Analytics for Sustainability Tracking

As sustainability becomes a critical focus for organizations, PredictX’s powerful analytics provide comprehensive insights and actionable data to help businesses achieve their sustainability goals.

Our 360° view of activity - enabled by our comprehensive data integration - allows for transparent, auditable emissions calculations that help organizations optimize their sustainability strategies. 


Enhanced Enterprise Sustainability Efforts

Our analytics streamline the prioritization of your sustainability efforts by : 
Identifying where the least effort can yield the greatest impact in emissions reduction.
Generating forecasted emissions for effective planning through Simulation Engine
Ensuring that emissions calculations are aligned with your internal reporting structures, and delivered to the right stakeholders
Transforming complex data into engaging narratives for stakeholders

Why Procurement Leaders Trust PredictX

Our ability to adapt and provide necessary data aligns with the increasing regulatory global standards

Our transparent, auditable calculations, applied to reliable data, ensures that sustainability officers can trust the accuracy of the information we provide

Our comprehensive carbon accounting supported by meticulous calculations of emissions based on factors such as adjusted distances and aircraft type.

We reinvest in R&D to stay at the forefront of sustainability analytics and ensure compliance with evolving sustainability regulations 

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