AI-Powered Analytics for Elite Travel Managers

PredictX’s travel & expense analytics platform validates, cleans and harmonizes every aspect of your T&E spend. This means that you are able to make use of an assured dataset where real opportunities are uncovered for you, risks are highlighted, and steps that you can take to optimize your program are highlighted.


How does PredictX add value to your business travel program?

We enable both true integration between travel, card and expense data, alongside the data that makes your program yours, such as preferred programs, policies, haul types, hotel markets and organizational structure.

This means that when we apply data science and AI models to the data, the opportunities it uncovers are real and can be quickly validated and acted upon.

Areas of immediate ROI when implementing PredictX include:
Sourcing savings 
Improved supplier performance 
Leakage identification and reduction
Optimized policies and improved policy compliance

Why Travel Managers Trust PredictX

Our predictive models applied to  travel data analytics can turn your historical business data into forward-looking insights that lead directly to action.

We integrate spend data from TMCs, expense systems, credit cards, and more, with over 200 pre-built connectors, providing a unified, accurate view of procurement activities.

Our advanced analytics monitor and evaluate supplier performance in real-time to ensure the best value and maintain strong supplier relationships.

The Trip Forecaster helps you evaluate the ROI of the future trips.

PredictX provides actionable intelligence that takes you away from the fragmented world of siloed analytics for travel, card payments, and expenses; to a unified single data source that then has specific trained models applied to it, enabling you to start acting on the insights provided.

Ready to unlock the potential of your travel data ?