AI-Powered Analytics for Expense Management

PredictX transforms expense management by providing comprehensive tools for real-time monitoring, forecasting, compliance, and fraud detection. PredictX enables you to track travel expenses, highlighting areas of fraud risk or noncompliance. 

We also uses historical data to forecast future expenses, aiding in accurate budget allocation and proactive cost management. 


Comprehensive Expense Control

Areas of expense management that PredictX enables you to automate include:
Risk Management
Forecasting and Budgeting
Compliance and Fraud Detection
Automation of Engagement

Why Expense Management Leaders Trust PredictX

We provide comprehensive visibility into all travel and expense data, enabling better decision-making across risk, audit, cost savings, policy, supplier management, and sustainability.

We enable you to identify hidden spend that should fall under the scope of Procurement.

Our architecture supports real-time data analysis and scalability, enabling users to create pivot tables on billions of rows instantaneously. This ensures that performance remains high even with large datasets.

Our platform automates various aspects of expense management, including compliance notifications, fraud detection, and refund tracking. This reduces manual intervention and allows expense managers to focus on strategic initiatives.

Ready to unlock the potential of your travel data ?