Empower Your Business with PredictX Conductor - The Ultimate Data Orchestration Tool

Streamline Your Data Flows with PredictX’s Automated Data Orchestration and Distribution suite

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Conductor revolutionizes data distribution, automating the creation and delivery of detailed data extracts and reports across your organization. With advanced security, customizable templates, and robust audit logs, Conductor ensures the right insights reach the right people, securely and efficiently, enhancing decision-making and safeguarding information integrity.

Key Features:

Automated scheduled data delivery
Configurable Excel templates for easy access and customization
Role-based access to specific datasets
Enhanced functionality and flexibility in data distribution

Key Benefits:


Deep dive across your entire program to provide real impact insight


Performance vs goals and budgets, creating measurable actions


Model equivalencies and offsets applicable to your business


PredictX Conductor puts data orchestration directly into the hands of the user.


Build your strategy to meet changing requirements of corporate responsibility

How it works:


Data ingestion:

We ingest 200+ travel and expense data sources, 
validate them based on ML models, cleanse and consolidate the data lake.

Accessibility of data:

We solved your problem in accessing specific datasets

Daily summary:  

When your head of audit needs a daily summary on how problems across the organization are being handled, Conductor can serve this, in the most effective way possible for them to do their job

The automation and control of data distribution:

Incorporate elements that suggest security, such as locks or shields, and visualize the flow of reports and analytics being directed to various devices, representing the targeted distribution capabilities of Conductor.

Actionable insights:

We provide reliable and accurate segment data, 
taking advantage of the PredictX knowledge engine 
and data lake.

Ready to unlock the potential of your travel data ?