Monitor Employee Wellbeing Attributes
with PredictX

Prioritize Employee Wellbeing with PredictX's Advanced Technology

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Employee wellbeing is crucial for a healthy and productive workforce. With PredictX's Employee Wellbeing feature, you can monitor key wellbeing attributes in relation to travel activity. Our customizable wellbeing surveys allow you to gather data specific to your organization and track trends over time.

Key Features:

Automatic monitoring of employee wellbeing attributes
Customizable wellbeing surveys
Real-time alerts for potential issues
Analytics and reporting for tracking trends and identifying areas for improvement

Key Problem Solved:


Lack of structured data to monitor profiles of employees


Increased pressure on stress and burnout


Tracking wellbeing requires combining data sources and matching employees, which takes time and is challenging to do accurately


Generate alerts before the potential issues


Build your strategy to meet changing requirements of corporate responsibility

How it works:


Data ingestion:

We ingest 200+ travel and expense data sources, 
validate them based on ML models, cleanse and consolidate the data lake.


We utilize industry-leading methodology, including accurate adjusted distances and emissions output 
by aircraft type.

Impact measurement:

We measure impact across all business travel activity, including air, hotel, and ground transportation.

Reliable data:

We provide deep dive insights across your entire program to provide real impact insight, performance vs goals and budgets, model equivalencies and offsets applicable to your business, and generate forecasted emissions based on current activity for effective planning.

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