AI-Powered Analytics for Compliance and Risk

PredictX’s powerful analytics empower compliance managers with the tools they need to manage adherence to policy effectively. By providing accurate, real-time insights, automating workflows, and facilitating comprehensive data integration, these dashboards not only enhance compliance monitoring but also improve overall operational efficiency. 


Enterprise-Wide Procurement Monitoring & Control

Our analytics make it simple to prioritize your enterprise risk management processes efficiently. 
Tax, visa and license risk management - ensuring that travel to a specific destination does not breach agreed volumes, frequencies or types of traveler
Integration with risk management master data such as dangerous destinations or blocked carriers
Automated expense reviews and fraud detection
Proactive monitoring with advanced notifications for all elements of travel and expense risk

Why Procurement Leaders Trust PredictX

We ensure a high level of accuracy and efficiency in compliance monitoring by comparing and integrating data from over 200 sources including TMCs, corporate cards, and expense systems.

Through comprehensive supplier analyses, we help identify discrepancies and opportunities for further negotiation, ensuring that contracts are managed effectively and compliance is maintained.

We offer customizable dashboards that focus on specific compliance metrics relevant to the organization.


Ready to unlock the potential of your travel data ?