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We Work Across the Five Critical Domains in Travel and Expense Analytics



PredictX transforms sourcing by using AI and predictive analytics on clean data, producing actionable insights that generate an immediate return.


PredictX streamlines policy optimization and compliance by analyzing behavior. It identifies breaches and provides actionable insights.

Risk & Compliance

PredictX identifies potential violations and notifies travelers in advance of issues enabling adherence to policy and mitigating risks before they materialize.


Our innovative travel sustainability solutions are designed to help businesses navigate the complexities of eco-friendly travel management.


We provide data-driven insights that communicate data in an understandable way - whether through automated stories, infographics or alerts driving policy compliance.

PredictX changes the status quo
We transform your business travel program

PredictX’s data orchestration platform gives you a unifiedspace to monitor and maintain a robust flow of data to power your business

By leveraging data, machine learning, and predictive analytics, PredictX disrupts the traditional ways in which business travel is managed


Getting the data right with machine learning to deliver actionable insight


200+ travel and expense data sources

PredictX has pre-built connectors to more than 200 industry players, including TMCs, corporate card providers, expenses systems and suppliers.


Validate them based on ML models

PredictX has built machine learning models that enable  issues to be caught at ingestion, in many cases and mean the data can be automatically corrected.


Cleanse and consolidate the data lake

PredictX applies proprietary processes that improve the quality of the input data, as well as fuse data from multiple sources, creating a full 360° view of all T&E activity.


Output highly automated, actionable data

PredictX enables faster, better decision-making and engagement through dashboards, automated analytics, alerts, and AI assistants.

The PredictX Way

Discover how we deliver value to business globally

Since our inception in 2010, PredictX has been synonymous with reliable yet innovative systems, a people-focused approach, and rapid implementations, all underpinned by a strong commitment to client-centricity.

Trustworthy and innovative systems
People-focused approach
Implementation orientation
Commitment to client-centricity

How we Leverage AI for Efficient Spend Management

At PredictX, we leverage cutting-edge Artificial Intelligence (AI) technologies to revolutionize the way businesses manage their spending effectively. Through advanced machine learning algorithms and predictive analytics, we analyze vast amounts of data from various sources, including invoices, receipts, contracts, and historical spending patterns.

Our AI-driven approach enables us to identify cost-saving opportunities, detect potential risks and anomalies, and optimize spending across different categories. By automating repetitive tasks such as data entry, validation, and reconciliation, we streamline the entire spend management process, allowing businesses to allocate their resources more efficiently.

Machine Learning + Predictive Analytics
Data from various spend sources
Cost Savings
Risk Detection
Optimising Spending

How is AI reshaping the business travel landscape

As AI continues to advance, its impact on the business travel landscape is becoming increasingly profound, and PredictX is at the forefront of this transformation. Through the integration of AI-powered analytics and predictive modeling, PredictX is revolutionising how businesses plan, book, and manage their travel expenses.


By leveraging AI-powered chatbots and virtual assistants, PredictX enables travelers to access real-time assistance and support throughout their journey, from policy queries during itinerary planning to assistance with expense reporting.

This not only improves employee satisfaction and productivity but also helps businesses mitigate travel-related risks and compliance issues. In essence, PredictX is reshaping the business travel landscape by harnessing the power of AI to drive efficiency, cost savings, and enhanced traveller experiences.

Industry Leaders Trust PredictX

PredictX has been supporting our partners for over a decade, providing them with AI and predictive capabilities.


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