Sheri AI with PredictX

the only AI agent platform that uses Large Language Models trained on billions or rows of T&E-specific data.

background imageimage is a powerful AI assistant that can transform the way you manage your travel and expenses. Leveraging advanced machine learning algorithms, can automate a range of tasks, from answering travelers' questions to identifying and remediating risk or accelerating your sourcing program.

Key Features: automates routine tasks, such as answering policy queries and managing itinerary adjustments, enabling your team to focus on strategic value-add.
Integration with Existing Systems: Enhances and works in harmony with established systems, such as email clients, collaboration platforms, and specialized T&E tools, through adaptable APIs and connectors. utilizes advanced machine learning algorithms to identify potential risks, such as non-compliant expenses or risky travel plans, before they escalate into larger issues.
Customization and Control: Offers the ability to build personalized LLM agents and applications, giving travel and expense managers maximum control over the AI's operations without needing programmers.

Key Benefits:


Anticipates and resolves financial anomalies and policy discrepancies proactively, maintaining fiscal order and compliance


Helps in identifying and fixing operational problems quickly by analyzing data from various sources, thus ensuring efficiency and compliance with travel duty of care.


Provides LLM agents trained specifically on T&E data, which understand the nuances and complexities of T&E processes, offering solutions that go beyond the capabilities of ordinary chatbots.


Gain more time to focus on strategy. Answering ad hoc queries can quickly impact your team’s productivity.


Identify areas of risk and help you move towards an exception-based approach to program management.

How it works:


Build and share your personalized apps - in minutes:

Drag and drop in all your relevant documents with no limit

Empower Employees:

We provide a quantum leap in efficiency and engagement by answering all follow-up questions and engaging in conversations with employees

Boost Productivity:

Sheri is highly knowledgeable and engaging, focusing on simplicity and ease of use, enabling immediate integration with existing processes

Get instant, relevant answers to your key topics:

Instantly identify anomalies within your policies or gaps between them and industry regulations

Actionable insights:

Enable your travelers and business stakeholders to gain value from pre-built agents, while your power users can build their own or even redeploy your existing against to make use of available data. 

Ready to unlock the potential of your travel data ?