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Harness the Power of PredictX with Instant Alert Notifications

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Are you tired of manually monitoring your business metrics and constantly worrying about missing important updates? PredictX's Alerts and Notifications feature is here to help. With our advanced technology, you can automate the monitoring of all your KPIs, OKRs, and any other key metric, ensuring that nothing slips through the cracks.

Key Features:

Automatic monitoring of all key metrics
Event generation and storage
Alert notifications to employees, supervisors, and key stakeholders
Escalation based on business rules

Key Benefits:


Automate communications, freeing up valuable time


Ensure that nothing slips through the cracks


Influence and change behavior


Drive better compliance


Build your strategy to meet changing requirements of corporate responsibility

How it works:


Monitor all your key metrics:

Events are generated and stored, triggering alerts to be sent to relevant parties

Avoid any risk: 

We help you avoid any possibility of missing out important updates

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