AI-Powered Analytics for Procurement Professionals

Providing procurement professionals with the enhanced visibility and actionable insights that are required to drive significant improvements 
in sourcing activities. Through improving the quality, depth and breadth of available spend data, PredictX enables a comprehensive view of total expenditure.


Enterprise-Wide Procurement Monitoring & Control

We enable the prioritization of your procurement processes as our analytics have:
cost-saving opportunities
Monitored supplier performance
Compliance with procurement policies
Comprehensive spend analysis and reporting

Why Procurement Leaders Trust PredictX

We offer detailed visibility into all procurement expenditures, allowing leaders to understand and optimize their spend across various categories.

We integrate agreements and contracts data with actual spend data, enabling you to immediately see the performance of agreement terms, and scope for further opportunities.

We integrate spend data from TMCs, expense systems, credit cards, and more, with over 
200 pre-built connectors, providing a unified, accurate view of procurement activities.

Our advanced analytics monitor and evaluate supplier performance in real-time to ensure the best value and maintain strong supplier relationships.

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