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Our vision for the future of business travel and expense management

At PredictX, we are driven by the belief that AI will revolutionize the future of business decision making.
Our mission is to help T&E teams to automate tactical decisions and empower the strategic.


What we stand for


Inventor Mentality

At PredictX  we foster an Inventor Mentality, empowering every member of our team to think creatively, embrace innovation, and pursue excellence through continuous improvement.
This core value is grounded in the belief that groundbreaking ideas can come from anyone, 
at any level, within our organization.

Be a Giver

We are committed to making each other better. We work as a team to share ideas, improve strategies and help each other. We are confident but humble, demanding but generous, and expectant but versatile.

Checklist Mindset

We adopt a systematic approach to tasks, emphasizing that the key to excellence often lies 
in mastering the basics. In PredictX’s work culture, we break down complex tasks into manageable components, ensuring that even the most basic 
but essential steps are not overlooked

Who We Are

Keesup Choe, Founder and CEO of PredictX:

Since our founding in 2012, PredictX has focused on providing cutting edge solutions for corporate spend management with machine learning at the core. We are devoted to our mission of helping our customers utilize AI 
to automate routine decisions and enhance strategic decision making 
with industry’s first end-to-end AI platform.

Our goal is to enable Travel and Expense (T&E) teams to automate tactical decisions, freeing up your valuable time and resources so you can focus 
on what truly matters—strategic initiatives that drive business growth.

Simon Carmouche, Product Director: 

At PredictX, our vision is to empower travel managers to excel in their roles, reduce costs, and drive efficiency across business travel programs for large companies. We are committed to providing cutting-edge tools and insights that enable travel managers to make informed decisions, streamline processes, and optimize resources.

By leveraging advanced AI and real-time data, we aim to transform the way travel is managed, ensuring that travel managers have the support they need to deliver exceptional value to their organizations. Our goal is to be the trusted partner in making business travel smarter, more efficient, and more cost-effective for all.

Inclusion and Diversity

Ethnic Minority
Women Owned
WeConnect Certified
Partnership with

At PredictX, we're proud to be an ethnic minority and women-owned business. Our journey has been accredited and certified by leading organizations such as WeConnect and MSDUK, underscoring our commitment to fostering an inclusive environment. Our partnership with Heart of the City further strengthens our resolve to be at the forefront of promoting diversity.

Join us for our mission

With rapid advancement in large language models, innovation is accelerating at an unprecedented rate. There will be significant disruptions to traditional ways of working. The coming years will be transformative for corporate spend management and business travel programs.

Join PredictX’s mission to help enterprises thrive and succeed!

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