Meetings & Events with PredictX

Bring Meetings and Events in from
the cold by linking all data sources
with your transient T&E analytics.

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Meetings and Events has long been the most challenging area for data and analytics. Being totally siloed from transient T&E and with its own fragmentation between planning systems, meetings cards and ad hoc meetings has made getting a real handle on meetings & events almost impossible. However, PredictX has focused its AI-powered data fusion capabilities on the area - meaning that, finally, achieving a full view of meetings & events activity is not just possible, it’s easy.

Key Features:

Single repository for Meetings & Events data - Allows you to see data from meetings management tools
Combined Events and Transient Activity - Maximize value by merging meetings and transient activity and viewing them together
Capture non-core venue costs like AV, internet and last-minute catering
Use actual spend figures to demonstrate the volume of meetings activity in negotiations

Key Benefits:


Supplier Management: view of meetings and transient spend together to get more leverage


Identify off-channel activity


Improved Safety & Security by identifying and managing ghost meetings


Get an end-to-end view from budget to reconciliation, including time to reconcile


Engage with business users - data held in the Meetings & Events module is then available to the rest of the PredictX platform, helping to drive engagement through the Story, Alerts etc

How it works:


Data ingestion:

We ingest 200+ travel and expense data sources, 
validate them based on ML models, cleanse and consolidate the data lake.


We utilize industry-leading methodology, including accurate adjusted distances and emissions output 
by aircraft type.

Reliable data:

We provide deep dive insights across your entire program to provide real impact insight, performance vs goals and budgets, model equivalencies and offsets applicable to your business, and generate forecasted emissions based on current activity for effective planning.

Actionable insights:

We provide reliable and accurate segment data, 
taking advantage of the PredictX knowledge engine 
and data lake.

Ready to unlock the potential of your travel data ?