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Revolutionize Your Travel and Expense Data Management with PredictX 

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Unlock the full power of your travel and expense data with PredictX Studio. Designed specifically for T&E managers, this intuitive extension of PredictX's Hollywood platform enables you to craft and customize reports with ease. Whether you're responding to new reporting requests or automating complex data tasks, Hollywood Studio places the control in your hands. With no technical expertise required, you can create dynamic dashboards, insightful visualizations, and comprehensive reports that drive decision-making. Transform your data into actionable intelligence and tell the story that matters to your business.

Key Features:

Our advanced Administration Portal enables seamless integration and management of all your travel and expense data
Customize and manage all your reference data, HR information, policies, and business rules for enhanced accuracy and efficiency
With integrated robust transactional data management capabilities, including the ability to enhance and correct data when issues arise
Audit all changes to any data, ensuring complete data integrity and data lineage

Key Benefits:


Editing and Creation Tools: Studio allows users to edit existing outputs and create new ones, providing flexibility and control over report customization.


User Access Management: It includes features to control user permissions, ensuring that only designated users can access certain reports or data sets.


Integration with Conductor: Studio works seamlessly with Conductor for automated distribution of reports, enhancing the efficiency of sharing insights across the organization.


Drill-Down and Click-Through: Users can link dashboards to others, allowing for detailed drill-down and click-through capabilities, which provide a deeper analysis and understanding of the data.


Support for Multiple Data Formats: Studio supports the use of new datasets and various aggregation functions, allowing for a wide range of data manipulations and presentations.

How it works:


Data ingestion:

We ingest 200+ travel and expense data sources, 
validate them based on ML models, cleanse and consolidate the data lake.


We utilize industry-leading methodology, including accurate adjusted distances and emissions output 
by aircraft type.

Impact measurement:

We measure impact across all business travel activity, including air, hotel, and ground transportation.

Reliable data:

We provide deep dive insights across your entire program to provide real impact insight, performance vs goals and budgets, model equivalencies and offsets applicable to your business, and generate forecasted emissions based on current activity for effective planning.

Actionable insights:

We provide reliable and accurate segment data, 
taking advantage of the PredictX knowledge engine 
and data lake.

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