Data-as-a-Service with PredictX

Seamlessly Connect Real-Time Data Across Your Programme

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Orchestrate your data within your own data pipelines. PredictX Data-as-a-Service allows you to seamlessly connect real-time data from across your program with your internal services, empowering your team to connect the right data at the right time with the right people

Key Features:

Real-time data connectivity across the program
Controlled and secure data sharing
Seamless integration with internal services
Customizable data pipelines to fit your business needs

Key Benefits:


Real-Time Data Connectivity: Empower your team with seamless, real-time access to data across your program


Enhanced Decision-Making: Provide your internal teams with the right data at the right time for more informed decisions.


Streamlined Operations: Achieve greater operational efficiency through integrated, customizable data pipelines.


Secure and Controlled Environment: Ensure data integrity and security with robust sharing and access controls.


Increased Organizational Agility: Enhance your organization's responsiveness and agility by connecting data effortlessly with internal services.

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