Transform Your Air Travel Procurement with end to end AI

Discover savings and streamline your air program management with AI-driven analytics.

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A battle for influence over your travelers' choices is underway. Airlines are eager to dominate all facets of your traveler’s activities, both business and leisure. As NDC and direct booking become more prevalent, airlines are increasingly seeking deeper, more holistic relationships with their customers.

Imagine having full, comprehensive knowledge of your travelers' activities, including when they do not use the program, the ancillaries they buy, and forecasting their preferences. You would have the tools to confidently strike the right deal with your carriers. Now, with Air Sourcing Navigator, you can.

PredictX’s Air Sourcing Navigator goes beyond basic BI dashboards to deliver actionable insights. Leveraging cutting-edge AI technology, Navigator integrates booking data with contract details for immediate performance analysis. This enhances negotiations and ensures you capitalize on every cost-saving opportunity in your air travel procurement process.

Navigator also uses AI-based learning from both your program and others to provide customized savings suggestions based on your data and the wider market.

Key Features:

One stop shop

Every supplier in one place, with the ability to compare and filter for specific data points, and save these customized configurations with a single click.
AI-powered savings suggestions  

AI technology will present tailor-made suggestions on where you will save the most money each month based on regular data analysis.

Compare your spend against similar-sized companies by route, carrier, class, etc.
Travel trend insights

Get real-time insights into major travel trends through continuous data analysis.

Key Benefits:


Comprehensive Program Management: Manage every aspect of your air program from automated proposal evaluation to contract lifecycle management and market management.


AI-Powered Insights: Receive monthly tailor-made savings suggestions based on continuous data analysis.


Benchmarking Excellence: Compare your spend against similar-sized companies by route, carrier, class, etc., to stay ahead of the competition. Across all major TMCs not just your current TMC.


Real-Time Travel Trends: Get real-time insights into major travel trends through continuous data analysis.


Automated Contract Management: Ensure transactions are consistent with contract terms and identify opportunities for savings by shifting market share and bringing new routes under contract.

How it works:


AI-powered trend analysis:

We use artificial intelligence to constantly analyze your travel data and understand trends to suggest potential savings. Based on feedback these suggestions are tailored so that you always receive the most relevant insights.

Natural language explanation through LLM:

We utilize the power of LLMs to contextualize data heavy information into easily digestible natural language

What-if savings slider:

We use data science to distill complex information into single savings figures. The driving factors behind these opportunities can be adjusted with the savings figure automatically updating based on equivalent metric

Powerful data comparison:

We provide deep dive insights across your entire program to provide real impact insight, performance vs goals and budgets, model equivalencies and offsets applicable to your business, and generate forecasted emissions based on current activity for effective planning.

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