DetectX - The AI-Powered Expense Audit Solution

Revolutionizing Expense
Management Practices

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DetectX by PredictX is a cutting-edge expense audit solution that leverages AI for superior accuracy in detecting compliance and fraud, especially behavioral fraud. It offers unmatched efficiency, comparing and analyzing data from multiple sources to proactively identify issues. It stands out from legacy systems and ensures financial health and fosters positive organizational change.

Key Features:

AI-powered expense auditing for accurate and timely detection of compliance and fraud issues
Comprehensive analysis of expense data to detect anomalies and provide actionable insights
Continuous monitoring of all transactions for immediate detection of policy violations and fraud
Efficient tracking and management of flagged cases with configurable workflows

Key Benefits:


Superior accuracy in detecting compliance and fraud issues, including behavioral fraud


Valuable insights into spending patterns


Mitigation of travel-related risks and compliance issues


Improved employee satisfaction and productivity


Reduced load on approval managers to review every expense

How it works:


Data ingestion:

Data is ingested directly from the expenses system, either pre or post-submission, via API

AI-powered analysis:

Advanced AI models analyze expense reports for compliance and fraud issues, proactively seeking out patterns and anomalies.

Flagging and workflow:

Transactions identified as having policy, fraud risk, or other potential issues are flagged to a workflow where expenses can be immediately rejected or flagged for audit.

Review and action:

One or many auditors can quickly review the issue and act on it to send the problematic transaction back to the submitter, approve it, or queue it for further review.

Case management:

Case notes and other communications are kept with the problematic report, ensuring integrated seamless case management.

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