Automate the Management of Cross-Border and other Risks with PredictX

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PredictX's Compliance & Regulatory solutions provide businesses with the information they need to manage cross-border tax, visa, licensing, emissions and many other compliance requirements in which T&E data plays a part. Our solutions enable businesses to monitor adherence to agreements and identify risks as soon as they become apparent, alerting managers and controllers while there is still time to proactively resolve issues before they occur.

Key Features:

Integrated data from all sources, from standard issue air tickets to ferry and one-way car hire, catch all cross-border activity and compare that with regulatory requirements
Traveler detail, includes traveler profile so that individual travelers can understand their own activities' impact on tax or visa issues.
Calculate time spent in location by the minute and monitored by an employee home country vs. a visiting country
Understand the changing nature of tax liabilities where issues with tax thresholds and work arrangements may occur

Key Benefits:


Simplify travel management by controlling complex and/or multi-tiered agreements in a holistic manner


Understand the impact of non-compliance and communicate to stakeholders and travelers


Mitigate travel-related risks and compliance issues ahead of time


Full integration with AI agents via


Build your strategy to meet changing requirements of corporate responsibility

How it works:


Tax & Visa Arrangement:

PredictX ingests your tax and any special visa arrangements, insurance details and other areas impacted by cross-border activity

Travel Information:

Travel information is provided from the PredictX consolidated environment, or additionally a pre-trip source, catching all movement in a timely manner

Risk Assessment:

Insights into current risk profile are provided

Travel Details:

We include traveler profiles so that individual travelers can understand their own risk profile, allowing them to self-manage - critical in areas such as visa performance that may be impacted by non-business travel


Optionally, Alerts are used to manage by exception

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