Predict.X Platform

What is Predict.X

Predict.X is a decision automation platform that provides actionable foresight by applying machine learning to the problems of data fusion, enhancement and analysis on data.

It isn’t always easy to apply data science to solve practical business problems. Users spend too much time data wrangling historic data and not enough time using that data as a catalyst for change within the business.

Working across the business Predict.X gives the ability to identify meaning in data and automate decision making. Less time is spent on routine tasks and more time on innovating and using predictive insight to optimise operations.

Benefits and Capabilities of Predict.X

The Predict.X platform is a cluster of tools and technologies that leverage the capabilities of artificial intelligence and machine learning to deliver real-time insight to those who need it, when they need it. Used together, these tools create apps that are driven to either automate an existing business process or create ones that were impossible before.

Use machine learning to power data fusion

Apply advanced analytical models to business challenges.

Visualise any data by providing an intuitive and interactive user interface

Enhance insights using Natural Language Generation

Who is using Predict.X

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