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Travel Managers finally have their own Digital Assistant

ByJoni Lindes

PredictX is excited to begin making our brand new PredictX Digital Assistant available. Managers will be able to ask the PredictX Travel voice app questions regarding their travel program – eliminating the need to navigate specialised travel data dashboards.

Sophisticated travel apps have made it more convenient for travellers to book outside travel policy than ever before. Travellers book on-the-go, leaving Travel Managers at a distinct disadvantage when they have to spend time combing through reports and dashboards to find one policy violation or duty of care issue long after it has taken place.

How does the assistant work?

Travel Managers who have access to the app will be able to use the voice command “Open PredictX” to access the app. The PredictX Digital Assistant app was made with the primary needs of Travel Managers in mind –  beginning with a take-action task list immediately highlighting areas in the program that need attention. Travel policy violations, risk assessments and spend management are some of the voice apps’ core focus areas.

The task list highlights travellers who have made out-of-policy air and hotel reservations. It will also flag travellers who have booked non-approved trips to risky destinations. If any incident does occur, for example, a traveller misses their flight – the voice app will add it to the top of the task list.

After providing Travel Managers with a summary of important issues, the app will then act as a traditional digital assistant and respond to any questions they have about the data in the entire travel program. The app has access to all data already a part of the PredictX Travel data suite including TMC, Credit Card and Expense data along with hierarchy overlays and advanced API integration of Meetings, Events and Sharing Economy suppliers.

How will the assistant help Travel Managers?

“Our mission is to empower strategic decision making but also to automate tactical ones. The Digital Assistant helps Travel Managers automate the tactical decisions,” said PredictX CEO Keesup Choe. “One way to think about it is new members of your staff that can look out for things like policy issues and tax issues and take action on them automatically,”

Travel Managers will not only have their core focus areas brought to the top of their task list but they will have a much easier way of communicating this insight across the company. Anybody can access the data-driven insight irregardless of their data management skills. All they have to do is ask the app what they are looking for and it will spell it out.

In addition, the app will be able to email detailed analysis of any information it shares directly to the user’s email. Management teams are freed from sitting behind a computer, typing and looking up information. The information goes beyond dashboards and is now hand delivered to both their ears and their inbox.

The Digital Assistant can not only be accessed through voice, but can be accessed on the go via messaging services like Slack, Facebook messenger and other messaging services.

New developments in natural language processing and artificial intelligence have allowed us to deliver travel data in real time and in a way that all can understand – allowing for data transformation to happen across a company. Digital assistants are no longer just for a household setting. They are coming to work for your travel team.


Joni Lindes
ByJoni Lindes
2 min read

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