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PredictX product wins “Highly Commended” accolade at The Business Travel Awards

By Joni Lindes

January 2020 – PredictX’s product “The Story” was awarded the “Highly Commended” award for Best New Travel Technology Product at the Business Travel Awards evening.

Hosted by Buying Business Travel (a member of the BTN Group), the Business Travel Awards has spent 25 years recognizing the best in the business travel business. The Business Travel Awards judging panel was made up of twenty travel industry experts.

The event organisers had this to say about The Story:

“In what was a hotly contended category the judges felt that [the PredictX entry] was a strong submission that demonstrated how The Story pulls and consolidates data from the TMC, Corporate Cards and Expense systems to automatically generate custom personalised reporting for each department and their departmental trips and spend.”

First launched in 2017, The Story has been implemented in five large-spend travel programmes. It was developed to help travel managers use data proactively in their day-to-day programme management throughout their company.

The Story, automatically shared via email, contains data on travel spend and policy compliance KPIs for that department and how they compare to the rest of the business. It is created in a way to engage management with “visuals”, “stories” and a narrative, so they do not get alienated by rows or numbers.

In the past year, The Story has added predictive capabilities to its functionality. It is able to forecast the resulting total spend if travel policy changes are made. In this way, each department in the company can improve its decision-making abilities as they have an idea of what the future will look like.

“It is great to have our product recognised for such a prestigious award. We want to thank, not only the talented team responsible for creating The Story, but also our users who took time out of their day to provide critical feedback. The Story was developed to answer a common problem that travel managers faced. Without user feedback, we could not develop a solution as enhanced as this,” said Director of Product Simon Carmouche.

Joni Lindes
By Joni Lindes
1 min read

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