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PredictX Partners with MLCSU to launch an AI Innovation Partnership

By Joni Lindes

Artificial Intelligence (AI) holds countless opportunities to revolutionise healthcare services. At PredictX, we want to play a pivotal role in bringing AI applications forward to solve challenges in the public healthcare system.  We are partnering with Midlands and Lancashire Commissioning and Support Unit (MLCSU) to apply our expertise in Data Analytics and AI to the development of innovative healthcare solutions.

AI has already started to transform the world of healthcare itself. AI can improve primary care, allow for faster, more advanced diagnosis and prescription services, intelligently scan x-rays for abnormalities at a faster rate than the human eye and directly support many more healthcare improvement services.

In a recent address, Prime Minister Theresa May pledged to use AI in the NHS to prevent over 20,000 cancer-related deaths each year by 2033. Since there is still a forecasted £30 billion gap in NHS funding from 2020 to 2021 – it is time we started thinking of creative solutions. MLCSU has turned to AI as an innovative solution and PredictX is excited to be a partner in this endeavour.

Introducing AI to the NHS

Despite the hype around AI, these technologies are not widely understood. The first step both MLCSU and PredictX took in this partnership was to educate ourselves and others in the health and care industry on precisely how AI can be used. We did this by inviting MLCSU customers to an innovation conference in May to hear from innovators already putting AI to work.

These innovators presenting their solutions included:

The innovators inspired many of the delegates, creating much thought and debate over what AI is and what tangible opportunities it can realise for the NHS. Delegates were left in no doubt of the enormous transformative impact AI and machine learning will have on healthcare. View a snapshot of the conference:

Launching the Innovation Partnership

Our overarching theme centred around needing to use AI for existing real-world problems rather than developing solutions that, as innovative as they are, cannot be put in action. We believe we can start small and grow these solutions to provide tangible change across the NHS and Social Care services.

“In this new partnership, the CSU can bring the knowledge of the health and care territory. We can find people we can do experimental work about in the field and we bring extensive analytical and data management capability. PredictX brings their understanding of new technology and real-world experience of using data analysis across sectors. They are experienced too in working with academic partners and in time we can hope to bring more members into the team,” said Director of The Strategy Unit at MLCSU, Peter Spilsbury.

Our CEO, Keesup Choe agrees that AI can improve service delivery within healthcare:

“We are living through a secular trend of ageing population, demographic challenges and increasing demand – all against a constrained budget. With AI we can now we can now effectively deliver early intervention and prevention that promises to dramatically increase well-being for patients whilst reducing the cost of late-stage treatment,” said Keesup Choe.

Lets get to work!

We want to hear from potential partners in the NHS and local government who think there may be an opportunity for our partnership and the application of AI to provide better care.

Please get in contact and email with your ideas on how we can use AI to innovate the NHS.

Joni Lindes
By Joni Lindes
3 min read

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