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Care and Health 11th March 2019 - 1 min read

PredictX becomes new data and applications supplier for Crown Commercial Service (CCS)

We are happy to announce that we have been recognised as a new data and applications framework supplier for Crown Commercial Service (CCS) Framework. Crown Commercial Service (CCS) provides high quality commercial and procurement services to the publ [ ... ]
By Joni Lindes Read...
Care and Health 3rd September 2018 - 3 min read

PredictX Partners with MLCSU to launch an AI Innovation Partnership

Artificial Intelligence (AI) holds countless opportunities to revolutionise healthcare services. At PredictX, we want to play a pivotal role in bringing AI applications forward to solve challenges in the public healthcare system.  We are partnering w [ ... ]
By Joni Lindes Read...
Care and Health 8th June 2017 - 1 min read

Pi G-Cloud 9 status

Pi is delighted to announce that we recently received confirmation that our application to supply services through the G-Cloud 9 framework on the Digital Marketplace has been accepted. The Digital Marketplace was developed for all public sector organ [ ... ]
By Joni Lindes Read...
Care and Health 15th April 2016 - 2 min read

Derbyshire lays foundations for integrated intelligence across health & social care

The issue at hand With increased focus on integrated care, whole systems leadership and more recently the introduction of the Better Care Fund, the need to understand how patients/service users access services is more pressing than ever. In July [ ... ]
By Joni Lindes Read...
Care and Health 16th March 2016 - 2 min read

An innovative CSU and Pi partnership to support business intelligence across health and social care

The issue at hand High quality, joined-up intelligence about health and social care is essential in the commissioning and provision of health-related services across the health and social care economy, to ensure the effective use of resources and to [ ... ]
By Joni Lindes Read...
Care and Health 16th March 2016 - 1 min read

South of Derbyshire shortlisted for LGC Awards 2016

We’re delighted to announce that the South of Derbyshire Joined Up Care were shortlisted for the LGC Awards. The awards evening ceremony took place on 16th March 2016 in Grosvenor House, London.South of Derbyshire Joined Up Care (including Derby City [ ... ]
By Joni Lindes Read...

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