Modern Slavery Act Transparency Statement

To describe the activities taken by PI Limited T/A PredictX to tackle Modern Slavery. The purpose of this statement is to support the production of annual slavery and human trafficking statement as set out in the UK Modern Slavery Act 2015.

All information contained in this statement has been submitted by a user acting on behalf of PI Limited T/A PredictX.

PI Limited represents and warrants that the information provided with this declaration will be as accurate and complete as possible and shall accurately represent its capabilities.

About this Statement

All information in this statement is submitted and presented to you by a member of the organisation. PI Limited represents and warrants that the information provided with this declaration will be as accurate and complete as possible and accurately represents its capabilities.

Under the Act Obligations

PI Limited is a UK based organisation, our annual turnover is less than the £36 Million threshold required for reporting due diligence activities relating to Modern Slavery.

Organisation Structure

PI Limited conducts business activities in the UK. Our global offices are located in Spain, Poland and the United States. We do not have business activities in countries listed as being at high risk from modern slavery violations as defined by the International Trade Union Confederation.

Policies, Procedures and Corporate Governance

Responsibility for Modern Slavery

At PI Limited, we have not yet installed our own set of principles, policies or procedures directly relating to Modern Slavery.

Principles and Policies

We aim to work towards establishing a corporate policy on modern slavery. We aim to install a mechanism for employees and other stakeholders to report any concerns or suspected incidences of slavery or human trafficking.

Performance Reporting

In the last 12 months, we have not been fined or convicted due to acts of misconduct relating to Modern Slavery. We employ highly skilled workers and the majority of them are employed directly with a few hired through recruitment agencies. We do not have employees working under hazardous conditions.

Due Diligence Process

PI Limited is dedicated to working with its suppliers to build greater transparency within its supply chain. PI Limited commits to acting ethically and expects the same from those with whom it conducts business. We expect our suppliers to commit to comply with applicable laws and regulations, including own internal policies.

Assessing and Managing Risk

Pi Limited has performed a risk assessment over our current supply chain and the risk of Modern Slavery has been identified as being very low. As a technology company, our supply chain is limited to global software corporations which host a publicly stated anti-slavery declaration on their websites. Upon engaging with any new supplier, a risk assessment is carried out to determine the value of that supplier in delivering the appropriate goods and services to our business. Their commitment to anti-slavery is included in this assessment to ensure that our supply chain is free from unidentified risks.

Executive Member Approval

This statement was approved on September 2021 by the organisation's Executive Board Committee.

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