The Story

Have you ever heard the phrase, “drowning in data, yet thirsting for insight?”

When we spoke to our clients, we found most business stakeholders do not have the time or, sometimes, ability, to understand data and navigate dashboards.

Whether it is based on policy compliance, duty of care or spend management, cooperation from all departments and stakeholders is needed to drive a travel programme forward. If stakeholders cannot engage with the data, how can they act on it?

Similarly, if we want to improve traveller policy compliance we need all travellers to be engaged with the travel programme and its data.

This is why PredictX created a unique product which harmonises with the way humans have communicated information for millions of years – by telling a story.

Introducing The Story

"Highly Commended" for the Best New Technology Product at the Business Travel Awards, The Story is a unique system pulling information from the PredictX Data Suite and delivering the data in automated reports emailed to and personalised for any business executive throughout the company.

Every department stakeholder now has access to spend, risk and policy compliance data for their own department.

How does The Story work?

The Story pulls information from the PredictX data dashboard, using Natural Language Processing (NLP) to generate a text document or report where the data is interpreted into narrative and data visualisations – providing insight across the entire portfolio of the business travel domain.

The reports hold written analysis revealing spend data personalised for each department.


charts and graphs with text.

Story "chapters"

with personalised data for each department.

The Storygraphic

A visual highlight of key data points.


based on custom programme changes.


S&P Global

Visualisation of the data is so important. Stakeholders are not going to be business analysts. They may have finance expertise, but they are looking for data that is not just accurate, but also visually efficient.

Director of Global Travel for S&P Global, Ann Dery.



With 24/7, immediate access to data, I no longer have to wait on Excel reports. I have everything at my
fingertips. This is a huge advantage.

Roche’s Senior Category Manager for Global Travel, Christian Guex.

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