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The Predict.X Platform enables data driven decision making across your organisation, background in advanced analytics not required!

Supply chain risk

Be in control of your supply chain with real-time SLA monitoring and automated risk alerts

Prevent supply chain failures by identifying risks ahead of time

Supply chain risk can take many forms. Supplier failures can cause operations to cease, with immediate impacts on revenue. Less dramatic but nonetheless serious reputational risks arise through supplier non-compliance with environmental and anti-slavery legislation. However, managing these risks requires combining internal and external data, constant monitoring and analytical management, any one of which can take a several FTEs’ worth of time.

Instantly carry out due diligence and produce audit trails

Gain control over your supply chain by combining internal and external risk indicators into a highly intuitive analytical tool powered by multiple levels of automation, machine learning and predictive analytics.

Preventive Risk Management

Avert supply chain failures by using predictive modeling to identify issues ahead of time

Real-time Risk Management

Review supplier audit trails and due diligence reporting instantly

Automated Data Collection

Save time by adopting an extensively automated data collection process

Business Impact Analysis

Evaluate the impact of risk -mitigation actions against