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The Predict.X Platform enables data driven decision making across your organisation, background in advanced analytics not required!

Revenue Management

Instantly identify your top opportunities to maximise revenues in real time

Maximise revenue and profit growth across all retail channels

Visibility into real time revenue performance is instantly available for store managers to quickly address poor sales.

Analysts in various parts of the retail business have to constantly process requests for business intelligence reports. While such reports are critical for the business to answer reasons and trends underpinning business performance, such effort requires integration from multiple sources of data such as Finance, POS, Workforce, Stock management, etc followed by data cleansing and data mining for intelligence. Automating these tasks along with ready to use reports providing intelligence that directs focus enables operational managers to make dynamic decisions that increase revenues and address inefficiencies.

Supercharge your revenue and growth with predictive intelligence

Key Benefits

PredictX applies machine learning to automate historic data consolidation, delivers predictive intelligence based on real time retail data and empowers decision makers to better manage the business.

Measure performance

Identify top & bottom performing retail sites

Better management

Know revenue and cost factors impacting your P&L

Automated decision making

Identify weak sales areas and products needing focus

Next Best Action

Direct operations efficiently with automated alerts



“They’re at the forefront, they’re innovative and they’re ahead of the game”

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Stonegate Case Study

How data helped Stonegate raise the bar and grow by 18% in a shrinking sector.


Travis Perkins

“Being able to sell things at the right price has generated something like £18 or £19 million in profit.”

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Travis Perkins Case Study

Find out how PredictX is building a competitive advantage with data analytics