Price discovery and optimisation

Empower your strategic buying and evaluate your product options through scenario modelling

Procurement professionals are faced with an information deficit compared with their suppliers. Supplier pricing systems contain a wealth of information on the various prices paid for commodities, allowing their staff to build packages that protect their margins, while sourcing professionals have been forced to operate in the dark.

PredictX levels this playing field by providing information on the marketplace from a buyer’s perspective, enabling you to objectively assess your supply base and instantly identify savings opportunities.



Compare yourself to the marketplace and instantly know how good a deal you are getting

Stop operating in the dark. Access marketplace information that empowers you to drive down costs without increasing risk for the business. Consider all your options through scenario modeling and level up your strategic buying.

Insiders Marketplace Analysis

See how your prices and price baskets compare with the marketplace

Strategic Scenario Modelling

Evaluate the business impact of switching to alternative products and suppliers

Insightful Negotiation Asset

Enter supplier negotiations with as much information as your suppliers

Powerful Product Matcher

Achieve true price comparison through a system that identifies the product despite the different naming conventions used.

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