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The Predict.X Platform enables data driven decision making across your organisation, background in advanced analytics not required!

Meetings and events

Get the full picture of your spend - both unmanaged spend and spend managed through a Meetings solution.

Understand the Impact of your meeting spend within your wider travel program

Meetings and events management is a large area of expenditure for businesses. However, the data required to manage this spend category is frequently siloed away in meetings systems. Even when this data is accessible, it needs to be linked to travel data to be identified as true meetings spend usually includes both meetings and transient activity, one or both of which may not be held in a meetings management system.

PredictX tells the full story behind your meetings and events, through the fusion of multiple data sources powered by machine learning.

Combine transient and group activity accurately using machine learning technology

Key Benefits

See the full cost of a meeting, even capturing that transient booking made by a traveler at the last minute or the extra meal paid for through the expenses system.

Learn the True Total Cost of Meetings

Run your program based on actual spend rather than budget

Align Event and Transient Activity

Seamlessly integrate meetings into your travel data

Boost Transient Negotiations

Demonstrate the volume of your meetings activity

Capture Non-Core Venue Costs

Highlight overlooked items like AV, internet or last-minute catering