Manufacturing analytics

Streamline manufacturing operations with predictive intelligence.

Manufacturing operations often suffer from “data chaos”

Today we have an explosion of real-time sensors for both manufacturers and retailers. These sensors allow us to gather even more data than before and apply Artificial Intelligence (AI) and machine learning to improve processes and maximise efficiency.

This can help optimise and control the entire commercial process. From optimal sourcing to delivery logistics for raw materials – every bit of the process can now be tracked and monitored.

Even with all these new advances, most of the data manufacturing managers work with is locked up in disparate systems, platforms and formats.

This is where PredictX comes in.

PredictX harnesses the power of machine learning and predictive analytics to provide manufacturing intelligence to managers.

Our years of experience consolidating, aggregating and cleansing data from disparate systems means there is no need for spreadsheets or many datasets in different formats any longer.

Instead of focusing on analysing past data, our solution puts our users one step ahead of any business process by following these three steps:


Future trends, opportunities and problems.


Potential problems, anomalies and lost opportunities.


Appropriate action upon receiving insight.

Using our solution, operations managers can maximise production efficiency for reduced cost, increased sales and optimal profit.

Key Benefits

Optimise the manufacturing life cycle

Identify bottlenecks and loss of efficiencies. Anticipate future repairs and improve uptime.

Manage logistics

From distribution to shipping, leverage GPS tracking data to optimise the entire distribution chain.

Optimise workforce

Drive additional margins by deploying the workforce based on customer demand rather than hard-wired rotas.

Measure and improve manufacturing quality

Interrogate the manufacturing process itself. Decrease variability while increasing quality and efficiency.

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