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The Predict.X Platform enables data driven decision making across your organisation, background in advanced analytics not required!

It’s Time To Check The Health Of Your Travel Programme

As a travel management professional, you are faced with an increasingly complex and changing environment. Significant distribution changes, pressured business models, multiple new entrants and the evolving demands of the traveller are all placing strain on the traditional travel management methodologies.

So, when was the last time you had an independent check on the impact of that strain?

Do you have the right data to assess what strategy changes you need to start thinking about?

FESTIVE ROAD and PredictX Launches New Healthcheck

Travel consultancy FESTIVE ROAD and data analytics firm PredictX, or RoadX for short, have collaborated to develop an industry-first, independent health check that examines programme data to measure all-round programme health and identify an actionable prognosis.

If you want to learn more, you can contact PredictX or FESTIVE ROAD directly.

The RoadX Healthcheck features:

An objective assessment

of your travel programme’s health.

A benchmark

against your peer travel programmes.

Recommended actions

to improve your travel programme.

Be the first to use the Healthcheck!

We would like to offer a small number of travel managers the chance to use the new product at a significantly reduced price to help us test it. As much as we want to make it available for everybody, these spaces are limited. Apply today!