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The Predict.X Platform enables data driven decision making across your organisation, background in advanced analytics not required!

Contract management

Streamline contract maintenance and renewal by using highly customizable workflow automation

Automate due diligence and production of sign-off and audit trails

Management of contracts requires three separate operations to be successful: storage and retrieval of individual scanned contract documents, retrieval of contracts based on detail contained within them, and workflow to support creation and amendment of existing contracts (with appropriate approval processes). 

Because contract management exists within Predict.X’s data sphere, contract data stored in the platform is seamlessly linked to supplier profile and risk data, as well as contracted spend data with those suppliers and wider market price benchmarks for specific items. Furthermore, full-suite SRM can be enabled for suppliers with contracts, allowing pro-active SLA management and overview for all preferred suppliers.

Make sure you get the full value out of your contracts by comparing contracted price vs. price paid

Key Benefits

For those storing Airline and Hotel contract data in Predict.X’s platform, the results even allow for real-time quantitative analysis of air and hotel contract performance and compliance by both travellers and suppliers.

Automated contract workflows

Effortlessly manage contract review and renewal

Proactive SLA Management

Monitor supplier performance through full-suite SRM

Contracted vs. Actual Price Paid Analysis

Integrated transactional data helps you achieve full contract value

Efficient Due Diligence

Total control of approval and sign-off, and an exhaustive audit trail