Behavioural science with Predict.X for Travel

In collaboration with Influence at Work

Influencing travellers with behavioural analysis

Travel is not office supplies. It’s a category that usually has thousands of buyers throughout the organisation making purchasing decisions. This makes managing and optimising traveller behaviour the biggest prize for travel managers. But how do you manage the behaviour of such a wide range of people?

By using data science to understand who your travellers are, what makes them tick and what’s important to them, and then using the psychology of persuasion to hone your messaging to them, you can dramatically improve behaviour. PredictX have partnered with Influence at Work to enable travel managers to access these capabilities, causing a revolution in behaviour management.

PredictX segments travellers to understand their travel pattern and drivers for change

Key Features

Taking care of the data, we group the travellers into groups based on their positions, functions and behaviour while teaching you to tailor your policies and communication strategies for each type of traveller.  We use metrics already in your data to group travellers into segments. Using HR data and historical travel data we determine if the traveller is an Infrequent traveller, ‘Bounce’ traveller (frequent travellers in sales with short stays), On-site visitor (frequent travellers with longer stays), Veteran (frequent travellers senior in the company).

Better Insights

Gain better insight into your travellers' behaviour

Data Segmentation

Use data from TMC, HR, card and expense to group travellers up based on how they behave

Influencing Strategies

Using behavioural principles like social norms, loss aversion and choice architecture to improve communication

Cost Saving

Encourage cost-saving behaviour in more effective ways

View the data sheet on how PredictX and Influence at work use behavioural science to change behaviour
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