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The Predict.X Platform enables data driven decision making across your organisation, background in advanced analytics not required!

PredictX Digital Assistant - Your robot employee

Travel Managers are overworked.

The constant requirement to react to last minute emergencies and ad hoc requests from each company department means that Travel Managers often spend too much time facilitating tactical support tasks for the programme. They are left with little time to develop programme objectives like policy and sourcing optimisation and traveller engagement.

Our answer? A superhuman support system for Travel Managers or, in other words, the PredictX Digital Assistant acting as your new robot employee.

What is the PredictX Digital Assistant?

The PredictX Digital Assistant is a bot or agent that intelligently scans the PredictX Travel Data suite in the background to deliver data-driven insight in response to emergency issues and questions arising in a corporate travel programme. It can answer any questions asked regarding travel spend. Travel Managers no longer need to waste time dealing with ad hoc requests from senior management.

The Assistant has the power to search Travel programme data and provide alerts for the following events

Spend spikes

Prices change form the time you buy to the time you fly. Do not be left in the dark. The PredictX Digital Assistant will ping you as and when suppliers increase their prices.

Risky bookings

Increased threats on safety abroad are a huge concern for travellers. The assistant has the power to notify travel teams and travellers alike the moment a risky booking is made.

Potential supplier management issues

Contracts can be airtight but that doesn’t mean they are honoured in reality. The PredictX Digital Assistant examines real-life contract performance and alerts travel teams if any issues arise.

Policy violations

The Digital Assistant notifies the travel team as soon as travellers book against policy. Additionally, the travel team can ask the assistant to notify the traveller and department head as well.

Bookings that may have a tax impact

The Digital Assistant comes with knowledge of local tax laws plus visibility into all bookings - allowing it to notify travel teams when bookings leading to taxable events are made.


Voice. The Assistant responds to any question asked in the presence of a digital assistant device (Amazon Echo) or phone app.
Text. The Assistant can communicate through common messaging services like Facebook Messenger and Slack.

Key benefits

Mitigates Risk
Prevents crises before they occur
Creates cost saving opportunities
Improves traveller experience
Enhances efficiency within the travel team
Communicates data-driven insight to wider management team

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