Why This Matters
Many, if not most, businesses are struggling to adapt and stay ahead of an increasingly data-driven world. The increasing abundance and usability of data is changing how people work and how businesses create value and compete. We believe there is a wealth of knowledge from people who are leading such transformation efforts that could help others do the same.

This is a massive untapped resource but it remains trapped in other people’s heads and organisations. PredictX's mission is to unlock this resource and empower other to lead these efforts in their own businesses.
Our Principles
To deliver on this mission we commit to the following key principles

  • No sales. We’re not going to get in the middle to push our product. We’ll just tell honest, true stories about how people have overcome their challenges.
  • Useful tactics. We’re not looking for 50,000 foot level. We’ll strive to pull out and clearly identify tactics you can learn from and apply in your work.
  • Engaging content. We won’t be boring! We’ll relay stories through engaging and easy to consume mediums such as video, podcasts, and profile interviews.