Reinventing Customer Relationship Management

Travis Perkins and their revolutionary Customer Hub allows them to take a step closer to their customers. All customer information, current...

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Challenges of sharing relevant information across the business to make data driven decisions

At Travis Perkins, we use data to show each of our 650 branches how to get things right for the business. We’re also really interested in...

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Using data to tailor offers and pricing to meet customer demand

Stonegate’s Chief Finance Officer is Dave Ross, who shares his thoughts here around data-driven decision making within the organisation.

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Benefits and challenges of data decision making

We caught up with Alex Mueller at the Business Travel Summit in Amsterdam as he discusses the benefits and challenges of data driven...

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Challenges of using data to drive business growth

Christoph Klenner shared his views with us about the challenges of unleashing data to drive business and results.

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Data trends that are revolutionising the business travel industry

We spoke to Jeroen van Velzen, Roadmap CEO and co-founder, at the Business Travel Summit in Amsterdam.

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How to make data a key cornerstone of business growth

John Adams, Group Procurement Director at Barratt Developments explains how data is key for Barratts growth.

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Challenges in developing a data strategy

In 2016 Peter Jackson joined The Pensions Regulator as Head of Data. Here he discusses his challenges, successes and advice in developing a...

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Using algorithms to unlock the potential in customer data

We caught up with Gabriel Hughes, CEO of Metageni and ex-Googler with a background in research, analytics and product development.

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Using data to help people quit smoking

David Crane founded one of the UK’s first web development agencies in 1995 and has built or developed more than 400 different sites. His...

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Tackling issues earlier through smarter use of data

The Essex Data Programme uses data in a joined up way to tackle community challenges such as poor educational outcomes.

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