Coronavirus Continuity Statement

As part of our regular business continuity planning PredictX has developed continuity plans designed to mitigate risks associated with various scenarios, including a pandemic.

We ensure we adhere to the standards required to retain our valuable ISO27001 information security certification. We are audited on multiple occasions during the course of each year to ensure we adhere to and maintain the best standards when it comes to security management controls, including disaster recovery procedures.

This means that we prepare for unexpected and disruptive circumstances as part of our everyday working procedures and standards.

Even so, key service areas have been identified, and additional plans, resources and security measures have been put in place to ensure the continuation of business services activities and information security.
Key areas identified and addressed are as follows:

1. Platform Infrastructure

Our platform is hosted in a Tier 3 data centre with fully redundant systems that ensure ongoing availability of service.

Continuity plans of the data centre have been evaluated to ensure that the resilience of these systems are effective and are supported by equivalent redundancy measures relative to the staffing of these facilities.

2. Client Analyst Support Staff

All regular client support activity will continue as planned. We have made alternative telecommunication arrangements so all client support calls are diverted to staff that are working from home.

3. Office Facilities

In the event of self-isolation, office building quarantine, area quarantine and travel restrictions, all staff have the facility to work securely from home to continue to provide the necessary support.

Throughout the year, we perform disaster recovery tests to identify any loopholes that may have inadvertently opened up, areas of improvement, and any other problems that could arise. Our disaster recovery and business continuity includes testing our ability to allow staff members to efficiently work from home. Our staff are well-adapted and equipped for working this way.

4. Security

All personnel have been trained and are aware of how best to minimise any security risks involved in working from home. They are regularly briefed on company security standards and, after each briefing, have to sign a formal document expressing their commitment to following these standards as part of their job duties.

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