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Empowering others through the study of data

By Kristy Jooste

At PredictX, we know that data science, as a skill, is valuable in today’s tech market and a core part of our mission as a company. We believe that career development has no limit, which is why we allow our staff to learn, grow and take on new responsibilities. We offer them the opportunity to pursue their passion in all disciplines of our business, regardless of their official job title. That is why we are offering our team members a 12-month online Data Science course to teach them the technical and analytical skills behind data manipulation, exploration, modelling and prediction.

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As PredictX certified data scientists, our team members have the opportunity to assist with data science projects within the company. With this certificate and experience under their belts, they will have the power to improve their career prospects in a technological landscape that increasingly relies upon big data, machine learning and data science.

The power of learning

PredictX’s Data Science course has received high praise from our Business Analysts looking to grow their skills.

Gligor says the course was enjoyable as it taught both interesting and challenging data science concepts with a good blend of theoretical and practical work.
“The lectures and assignments were also very well prepared by the data science team, who made a big collective effort to ensure all students benefited and understood all the content presented. I found the application of Python hugely beneficial as it gave a reason for me to continue practising coding and understand what bigger, complex blocks of code represent. It’s also inspired me to continue learning data science principles in my spare time using Python. Overall I believe every concept taught was unique in its way. I particularly enjoyed the technical process of building predictive models after every weekly lesson and having the models assessed by the data science team.”

Alex says the course allowed him to refresh his maths and statistical skills while brushing up on Python and discovering the fundamentals of data science.
“This course encouraged me to find what works best for me and to explore different analytical and strategic techniques.”

Samira expressed how grateful she is for the course, saying, “I am six months into the course, and I am starting to learn new methods of dealing with data and applying machine learning methodologies for different use cases.”

Last year Rita enrolled in the course to improve her Python skills and learn fundamental data science concepts.
“I really enjoyed the course and was surprised at how many topics we could cover in such a short period. I found learning about Convolutional Neural Networks and the application of Image Recognition to be particularly interesting. I was able to create my own CNN-based image classifier, which was a challenging but fun assignment. This was a great course and provided an excellent introduction to data science.”

Empowering others to empower the industry

Our course focuses on maths, computer science, machine learning, data analysis, natural language processing, and more. These modules help our team members increase their skill set and produce the most innovative software products around. We take pride in being customer-focused and providing unmatched products and services, and that is why our pursuit of knowledge allows PredictX to better assist our clients through innovation and support while keeping up to date with the best and latest data and AI strategies. If you would like to see what we can offer you, get in touch with us.

Kristy Jooste
By Kristy Jooste
2 min read

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