News & Announcement 10th September 2021 - 1 min read

The 20th anniversary of 9/11: Do you remember?

By Kristy Jooste

“After the second plane slammed into the South Tower at a little past 9:00 am EST, I knew something was terribly wrong. The first crash could have been an accident, but now the world knew that it was an attack. Like so many of us worldwide, I was glued to the TV with disbelief.”
– Keesup Choe, CEO

The Tribute in Light is an art installation in New York City, created in remembrance of the attacks.

This weekend marks the 20th anniversary of 9/11 – a day burned into the minds of people of all ages and nationalities. The attacks created a long-lasting effect – not only on those directly affected by the event but on future political behaviour, airport security, surveillance, and government intelligence.

According to Sky History, “A total of 2,996 people were killed in the 9/11 attacks, including the 19 terrorist hijackers aboard the four airplanes. Citizens of 78 countries died in New York, Washington, D.C., and Pennsylvania.”

At the World Trade Center, 2,763 died after the two towers crumbled into an ash-heap. That figure includes 343 firefighters and paramedics, 23 New York City police officers and 37 Port Authority police officers struggling to evacuate the buildings and save the office workers trapped on higher floors whilst encountering locked stairwells and unopened escape routes.

189 people were killed when American Airlines Flight 77 crashed into the Pentagon. Hearing of the crashes from family, the brave passengers on Flight 93 stormed the cockpit of their hijacked plane and forced it to crash into an empty field in Pennsylvania, saving countless lives. 44 souls were lost on that flight.

No matter your age or connection to 9/11, it is key to our futures to reflect and place our feet in history’s shoes. Many people are still suffering from the consequences of 9/11, whether it be from the loss of a family member or a friend who died in the attacks, or the injustice and mistrust of ‘foreigners’ that arose from the event.

If you would like to join PredictX and take part in the remembrance of 9/11, click here to find ways to observe during the pandemic safely. Google Street View also allows viewers to take a brief virtual tour inside the 9/11 Memorial Museum.

Kristy Jooste
By Kristy Jooste
1 min read

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