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News & Announcement 5th June 2018 - 4 min read

Jumping on the Silicon Milkroundabout

On the 19th and 20th May, PredictX team members were kept on their toes as a constant flow of jobseekers approached the PredictX stand at the Silicon Milkroundabout tech job fair- all eager for opportunity. The huge turnout painted a vivid picture of [ ... ]
By Joni Lindes Read...
Travel 29th May 2018 - 4 min read

Make your Travel programme “scientifically proven”

“If you cannot measure it, you cannot improve it,” said Lord Kelvin. Lord Kelvin, who defined the absolute temperature scale, was onto something. Kelvin heavily emphasised the importance of measurement in science, believing the first essential step i [ ... ]
By Joni Lindes Read...
News & Announcement 17th May 2018 - 4 min read

Is my sensitive data protected?

The clock is ticking for GDPR to come into effect on May 25th 2018. Data protection rules in Europe will see their biggest change in twenty years. You may wonder what this means for you and the way PredictX handles your data. Under the new GDPR regul [ ... ]
By Joni Lindes Read...
Travel 24th April 2018 - 3 min read

Digital assistants start the conversation with travel data

Companies harnessing the benefits of big data are encountering a major problem- how do we share this data in a meaningful way? Social media enterprises like Twitter and Facebook have capitalised on the “share” button- introducing sharing information [ ... ]
By Joni Lindes Read...
Travel 19th April 2018 - 2 min read

How can you drive a travel program with 41% of your vision blocked?

“How much does your company spend on travel?” The answer is not as simple as you think. We made the astonishing discovery that companies spend 41% more on travel-related costs than what their TMC data tells them. You may want to read how we managed [ ... ]
By Al Norman Read...
Travel 18th April 2018 - 5 min read

6 Behaviour Science Secrets for Travel Managers

“If the policy makes an enemy of the people, then people will make an enemy of the policy,” said Irish statesman Edmund Burke. Enforcing any policy is frequently met with a traveller “going rogue” and doing whatever they want. Like it or [ ... ]
By Joni Lindes Read...
Security 13th April 2018 - 3 min read

Mark Zuckerberg and Cambridge Analytica Shine Spotlight on Data Protection and GDPR

Mark Zuckerberg faced more than five hours of questioning in his appearance before Congress earlier this week. He answered key questions on how Facebook uses and secures data. This follows Cambridge Analytica harvesting  270 000 Facebook profiles for [ ... ]
By Joni Lindes Read...
Artificial Intelligence 12th April 2018 - 4 min read

AI is Set to Double Economic Growth

Technology and economics often go hand in hand. The invention of the steam engine in the 1800s and early computer chips in the mid 20th Century generated copious amounts of economic growth.  AI has a unique ability to improve both the capital and lab [ ... ]
By Joni Lindes Read...
Care & Health 9th April 2018 - 3 min read

Care Robots Rescue Japan’s Elderly Care Shortfall

Japan has the highest population of older people in the Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development (OECD). Over a quarter of Japan’s population is over 65 years of age yet the working age population shrinks by one percent each year. [ ... ]
By Joni Lindes Read...
Big Data 6th April 2018 - 4 min read

7 New Trends for AI in 2018

Artificial Intelligence (AI) has been around for a while, yet new developments are being made every day. 2017 saw investors pump over $15.2 billion in funding into AI startups across multiple industries. It was a significant 141% spike in funding fro [ ... ]
By Joni Lindes Read...