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Big Data 20th February 2016 - 4 min read

Why the ‘three As’ should replace the ‘four Vs’ of big data.

Most IT professionals are aware of the four Vs of big data, but only three are actually relevant. Most CIOs know and understand the ‘four Vs’ of big data – veracity, variety, volume and velocity – which describe and define arguably the biggest shift [ ... ]
By Keesup Choe Read...
Care & Health 19th January 2016 - 2 min read

Wrap up warmly: Big Data and Bad Weather

As the Met Office warns of severe cold weather for all regions of England, Paul Gundersen, Chief Operational meteorologist, talks about temperature shifts from mild to very cold.  His forecast; “99% probability of severe cold icy conditions and heavy [ ... ]
By Julia Ross Read...
News & Announcement 7th January 2016 - 1 min read

Julia Ross becomes a new member of the TechUK Health & Social Care Council

We’re delighted to announce that Julia Ross, Managing Director of Pi Care and Health, has been voted on to the TechUK Health & Social Care Council. The role of the Council, who meets bi-monthly, is to develop and lead the TechUK Health & Soci [ ... ]
By Femi Ajayi Read...
Big Data 7th January 2016 - 3 min read

Making smarter corporate travel decisions with data

Total Cost of Trip is the business travel industry’s unicorn. Everyone knows what it is, but no-one has ever seen it. Usually, companies simply add the employee’s hotel fees to the air fare and the car rental, and then balance this cost against the c [ ... ]
By Keesup Choe Read...
News & Announcement 6th January 2016 - 2 min read

Falling in love with AMEE

A number of you have been asking why AMEE, what’s so special about the company, and why merge now? Our press release didn’t reach out to some of you in health and care with our talk of “holistic procurement strategies”. Well, now is the time to clari [ ... ]
By Julia Ross Read...
Big Data 7th December 2015 - 6 min read

Combine data taken at the right time from the right sources to discover how to increase productivity and decrease moans

Have you ever wondered how happy your travellers really are? How their level of satisfaction affects their productivity? How to put all that information into context so you can do something about it? If your answers are yes, yes and yes then read on. [ ... ]
By Keesup Choe Read...
Travel 7th December 2015 - 5 min read

Intelligent travel management recognises the dynamic nature of data and its full value to travel programmes.

Irregular ‘stock takes’ aren’t enough anymore. One summer, when I was a teenager, I got a summer job working at a local hardware store. I can’t say I enjoyed the job, which consisted mainly of helping customers push their shopping carts laden with p [ ... ]
By Keesup Choe Read...
Big Data 1st December 2015 - 2 min read

Focus on the ‘why’, not the ‘who’ or ‘when’, with spend

Typical procurement analysis tends to focus on the ‘who’ (am I spending with) and the ‘what’ (I am spending on). But this misses the more important point – the ‘why’ (am I spending here). Essentially, the wider business context of the procurement dec [ ... ]
By Keesup Choe Read...
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