26th January 2022 - 1 min read

Optimise your post-pandemic policies

By Kristy Jooste

Every travel manager knows that travel policy tools are critical for creating value for their businesses by influencing the behaviour of individual travellers. However, policy management has become impractical for many companies in a post-pandemic world.

PredictX’s policy optimisation tools allow you to look at all the available elements while incorporating completely new policy rules into a holistic T&E operation that focuses on all parts of the process. Additionally, different policies for different regional or functional areas are now available with the ability to use simulations to model the potential impacts of changes or new ideas before you implement them.

The benefits of policy optimisation

One of PredictX’s financial customers described the ability to simulate future policy changes as a “game-changer” that has allowed them to think outside the box when tackling policy management.

Another global consultancy applauded the ability to operate with regional splits, saying that it had “finally enabled us to have a global baseline with the option to have tighter policies on a regional basis, which had the knock-on effect of showing that the global travel team was enabling regional teams efforts to drive value.”

Other teams have also benefited from combining the T&E policy into a single area that enabled true integration of travel and expense at an operational level. In addition, they applauded our policy optimisation tool’s capability to manage rapid policy changes, which was a common occurrence during the pandemic when essential travel continued. 

To learn more about how our policy optimisation works, get in touch with us for a demo.

Kristy Jooste
By Kristy Jooste
1 min read

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