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News & Announcement 5th June 2018 - 4 min read

Jumping on the Silicon Milkroundabout

By Joni Lindes

On the 19th and 20th May, PredictX team members were kept on their toes as a constant flow of jobseekers approached the PredictX stand at the Silicon Milkroundabout tech job fair- all eager for opportunity. The huge turnout painted a vivid picture of the rapidly rising UK tech industry.

The rise of UK’s Tech industry

“Over the last year, the performance of the United Kingdom’s digital tech sector has been world-leading, with British firms attracting more capital than any other European country,” said UK Prime Minister Theresa May in the 2018 Tech Nation Report. The 2017 Tech Nation Report first announced the UK as the “digital capital of Europe.” A year later, the 2018 Tech Nation reports even further rates of growth.

According to the 2017 report, the technology industry in the UK is growing at twice the rate of any other industry. In 2015, the GVA (Economic Contribution) of the digital tech sector reached £97 billion, with a growth rate of 30% in the years to come.

(Source: BSD, Tech City UK, 2015)

This is largely due to new tech businesses continuously popping up. In 2015, the birth rate of digital tech businesses sat at around 15% – well above the 11.5% birth rate average in all other industries.

A growing industry needs new talent. The whole of the digital sector employed 1.4 million people in 2015 – accounting for 4.4% of total UK employment. The largest sub-sector in the digital industries was the computer programming and related activities sector – employing 47% of all digital sector employees.

This figure has since grown higher. The 2018 report discovered that, from 2014 to 2017, digital tech sector employment rose by a further 13.2%.

Silicon Milkroundabout fills the skills gap

Despite these high employment rates, the tech industry is only hungry for even more talent. 83% of participants in the the 2018 Tech Nation report cited access to talent as their biggest challenge.

The Silicon Milkroundabout recruitment event attempts to address this challenge by bringing both tech professionals and startups together.

Launched in a London pub in 2011, Silicon Milkroundabout has become one of the most prolific events for recruitment in London. With over 200 startups seeking talent and 3500 attendees, it has celebrated the growing tech industry ecosystem. New careers are formed and startups have the unique opportunity to attract brand new talent to their companies.

Job seekers go through an application process before the event- subjecting startups to only the best of talent. Upon attending the event they were urged to wear stickers showing their names and relevant skills.

The types of candidates attending on the 19th May included UX Designers, Product Managers, Business Analysts and Marketers while the 20th mainly saw applicants skilled in technical roles such as Developers, Data Scientists and Programmers.

Job hunting and recruitment activities on a weekend may seem like a drag, yet the live music, free beer, chill out zones, food stalls, ball pit and arcade games made recruitment more fun for both business representatives and job hunters alike.

PredictX jumps on the roundabout

Recognising the strong need we have for innovative tech talent, PredictX jumped at the opportunity to set up a stand at the event.

Our stand had an exciting purple theme – complete with pull-up banners, vintage arcade games and bright purple carpet.

“It is no use having an amazing product if your stand is not up to scratch,” said PredictX Front-end developer Alex Cormack who had many stimulating conversations with hopeful developers.

PredictX Data Scientist Chris Dancel believes strong branding is imperative when driving new hires to our company.  “We want to speak to people through our stand. We did not want to have too many props, but rather have a continuous and cohesive theme throughout. I believe we had such a great turnout as our message was incredibly clear. “Fewer props not only attracted more serious candidates but also left more room for candidates to hold quality conversations with us.

Rather than relying on free goodies and food to promote the stand, we preferred our stand to do the talking. We did, however, reach into our stash at the back of the stand, giving each visitor a small “thank you” for stopping by. It was a goodie bag complete with stickers, stress balls, a screen cleaner as well as a dual-functioning bottle-opener and phone holder.

After the event, our team of nine representatives returned to our London office, arms loaded with fresh new CVs- promising a new stream of talent to shape the growing future of PredictX.

The success of any tech business is defined by its ability to innovate with both speed and agility. This informs a need for talent that is not only highly skilled but also willing to adapt to new technology and techniques.“We were looking for people who not only had some form of industry experience, but, most importantly, were willing to learn more,” said Business Analyst Aleena Ashary. The ability to consume copious amounts of coffee is an added bonus.

If you think you are innovative, experienced and willing to learn in the constantly changing world of tech, check out our latest job vacancies.

(Join the team! PredictX Representatives at Silicon Milkroundabout)

Joni Lindes
By Joni Lindes
4 min read

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