Travel 17th January 2022 - 2 min read

Is your travel plan sustainable?

By Kristy Jooste

Do you know what options your company has available to achieve net-zero? Do you know how to go beyond just reporting emissions? What are your techniques and strategies to reach a sustainable travel plan?

These are the questions many travel teams must ask themselves. 

According to Business Travel News Europe, a study of 313 European travel managers revealed that “62% of travel programmes are now considered sustainable.” This result is considered to be an increase from a similar study that was conducted in November 2019. 

BTN found that “while more than one third (37%) of buyers were managing a sustainable programme pre-Covid, 25% of sustainable programmes have been introduced during the global pandemic, and a further 23% of buyers are planning to initiate a sustainable travel programme for their business. The proportion of buyers who said their programme was not sustainable because of the cost of implementing it has plummeted, from 25% in 2019 to just 1% now.”

The survey also revealed that one in five buyers relies on their TMC to ensure their programme is sustainable. According to Egencia, there are four benefits to having a sustainable travel plan:

“Save time: If employees spend hours on the road and are unable to work, it results in lost productivity and work time. Ensuring that travel is necessary and efficient while also being sustainable helps your employees to become more efficient in the workplace.

Save money: Choosing cheaper, more sustainable travel options such as public transport can save you money on travel.

Reduce your company’s carbon footprint: It’s great for the environment and good for public relations, especially in a world where climate change and the environment are headline news.

Empower your employees to feel like they’re making a difference: Many individuals are passionate about the environment and have made changes to the way that they live their lives—from recycling to using reusable water bottles. Many people are keen to shop in local businesses as a way of supporting and investing in their own communities. Working for an employer that has adopted a sustainability programme across their entire business can bolster employees’ well-being in the workplace and reinforce the idea that it is a place where they want to work.”

PredictX knows that – now more than ever – sustainability should be at the forefront of everyone’s minds. This is why we provide advanced travel data management for companies’ carbon footprint, policy adherence strategies and employee generated spend. This includes pre-trip data feeds as well as AI-based expense fraud detection analytics. If you would like more information on our products and how they can be integrated into your business, get in touch.

Kristy Jooste
By Kristy Jooste
2 min read

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