Security 21st November 2019 -6 min read

Why do finance directors hate the travel category?

It is the end of another month. Time to submit your programme spend reports to senior management, finance directors or business unit budget owners. Only problem? You have not submitted it yet and are not even close to finishing it. This is a typical [ ... ]
ByJoni Lindes Read...
Security 13th April 2018 -3 min read

Mark Zuckerberg and Cambridge Analytica Shine Spotlight on Data Protection and GDPR

Mark Zuckerberg faced more than five hours of questioning in his appearance before Congress earlier this week. He answered key questions on how Facebook uses and secures data. This follows Cambridge Analytica harvesting  270 000 Facebook profiles for [ ... ]
ByJoni Lindes Read...
News & Announcement 21st March 2018 -3 min read

Important Changes to The GDPR and the Way we Handle Data

In May 2018 data protection rules in Europe will see their biggest change in twenty years. It will replace the current Data Protection Directive established in 1995- a long time ago when the data landscape looked very different to the one we see toda [ ... ]
ByJoni Lindes Read...
Big Data 2nd March 2016 -1 min read

New SSL Vulnerability: DROWN

We’ve recently learnt that another SSL vulnerability has been discovered. Nicknamed “DROWN”, this vulnerability attacks SSLv2 where available and, if successful, can be used to decrypt traffic using the newer TLS protocols. Pi has a proactive approac [ ... ]
ByJoni Lindes Read...

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