Employee Spend Management

Uncover full insight of your company's travel, expense and meetings program through accurate and consolidated agency, card, expense and meetings data empowered by advanced analytics

Use predictive insights to manage travel, expense and meetings programs

Travel managers today primarily rely on monthly access to agency booking data for reporting. This limited data has gaps, duplications, and takes weeks to be ready. Over 35% of air, hotel, ground transportation and rail spend is arranged outside of agency systems. Building a complete total cost of program requires accurate data from multiple sources.

Expense managers struggle with analysing manual reports from employees that are fraught with human error and missing information. Added to this, they are, in many cases, not delivered on time and involve a manual approval process with more than one stakeholder. What if there was an easy way to automate this for more accurate expense management?

Meetings and events management is a large area of expenditure for businesses. However, the data required to manage this spend category is frequently siloed away in meetings systems – even though expenses for meetings often pop up in travel and expense reporting. If your company wants to achieve Strategic Meetings Management, meetings data needs to be shared and analyzed alongside parallel business processes.

Move your team from data manipulators and report creators to action-oriented decision makers enabled by accurate and timely analysis. Engage business leaders in the travel, expense and meetings conversation with easy-to-read and business-specific dashboards.

The Predict.X software platform combines travel, expense, card and meetings data and through predictive analytics provides travel and expense managers with opportunities to control cost and optimise employee travel programs. 

A single, holistic view of your travel and expense program, bringing everything together in one place

Key Benefits

Build connections between silos, remedy inaccuracies in data and automate both repetitive activities as well as distribution of key information


Reduce Leakage

Combine data and provide real-time visibility of spend, approvals and risk

Automate Repetitive Tasks

Apply decision automation to eliminate repetitive tasks

Apply Advanced Analytics

Leverage ML and predictive analytics to enhance travel insights

Total Cost Of Program

Instantly see the total program cost by multiple verticals


"Better reporting, from PredictX really gave us the visibility in what we're doing. It's never been so visible."

Global Travel Expense and Meetings Manager, Mondelez

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