Supercharge your revenue and growth with predictive intelligence

Maximise revenue and profit growth across all retail channels

Retail decision makers have limited and only periodic access to data across the business. The data is often disconnected and outdated, making it difficult to use to drive decision making.

With multitude of retail technology systems used across finance, stock, workforce, marketing and customer insights, accomplishing an automated single performance view of the business is challenging.
Decision makers in Finance and Retail Operations are regularly faced with manual silo reports that often interpret historic performance, but fail to present and prioritise actions for focus.

PredictX successfully applies predictive intelligence based on real time retail data to provide automated decision making across all retail business functions.

Key Benefits

PredictX applies machine learning to automate historic data consolidation, delivers predictive intelligence based on real-time retail data and empowers decision makers to better manage the business.

Predictive Intelligence

Identify opportunities to increase profits

Next Best Decision

Direct operations efficiently with automated alerts

Single Data View of the Business

Access accurate data in one place in real time

Automated Decision Making

Harness ML to enable pre-emptive actions



“They’re at the forefront, they’re innovative and they’re ahead of the game.”


Travis Perkins

“Being able to sell things at the right price has generated something like £18 or £19 million in profit.”

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