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The Predict.X Platform enables data driven decision making across your organisation, background in advanced analytics not required!

Increase operational efficiency and improve profits

Focus your attention where it is needed through total visibility of your retail operations

With an increasing number of hospitality sites facing closure, the focus has never been so tight on consumer insight and operational efficiency. These challenges are compounded when intelligence is not readily available for decision makers, due to disparate and disconnected data.

PredictX provides pre-built data connectors to integrate with industry standard data sources; combine Finance, POS, ERP, HR and more, apply machine learning to automatically cleanse and enrich your data.

Furthermore, PredictX arms CFOs and COOs in hospitality organisations with predictive intelligence to dynamically respond to increasing costs and fluctuating consumer behaviour.

Supercharge your revenue and growth with predictive intelligence

Key Benefits

PredictX applies machine learning to automate historic data consolidation, delivers predictive intelligence based on real-time retail data and empowers decision makers to better manage the business.


Predictive Intelligence

Identify opportunities to increase profits

Next Best Action

Direct operations efficiently with automated alerts

Single Data View of the Business

Access accurate data in one place in real time

Automated Decision Making

Harness ML to enable pre-emptive actions



“They’re at the forefront, they’re innovative and they’re ahead of the game.”  

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Stonegate Case Study

How data helped Stonegate raise the bar
and grow by 18% in a shrinking sector.