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The Predict.X Platform enables data driven decision making across your organisation, background in advanced analytics not required!

Grasp control of your supply chain empowered by decision automation and predictive analytics

A powerful analytical tool for procurement - with PredictX you can see and plan for events before they happen

As well as minimising costs, Chief Procurement Officers are increasingly required to adopt strategies that drive out financial and operational risk, whilst simultaneously delivering improved supplier performance, strategic alignment and sustainability.

This requires the ability to quickly make decisions that affect both direct supply inventory and indirect supporting activities, something which is impossible using legacy systems and data held in ad hoc spreadsheets.

Predict.X for Procurement enables you to view data from across your organisation in one place, couple it with feeds from external sources and apply predictive models to it, enabling you to see and plan for events before they happen.

Proactively manage risk by using predictive modelling to identify the hidden weak spots in your supply chain

Key Benefits

Drive efficiency and promote certainty in your strategic and operational decision making by using highly-intuitive analytical capabilities, predictive models and customisable process automation.


Integrate finance, risk, sales, sustainability and other data sources

Custom alerts

Improve the responsiveness of your supply chain operation.

Predictive modelling

Highlight weak spots in your supply chain, allowing you to proactively plan and manage

Reduce costs

Drive down costs without increasing risk through enhanced benchmarking